Day 10: Me

Today I'm posting a photo taken by someone else. The photo is of me. It's not often I'm on the other side of the lens but one day last month a co-worker with a gifted eye and an incredibly cool Leica camera took this photograph. And I say that when you love a photo of yourself, you share it.  

photo by  Halil Bolukbashi  :: October 2015

photo by Halil Bolukbashi :: October 2015

Who: Me at work. 

Where: Autodesk's San Francisco offices

When: October 2015. After a three-day conference, a team of designers that doesn't often meet in person had a day-long design session at the office.

Why: This photo is Halil's, not mine, and I don't know why he took it or decided to share it with me. I love it because it captures a point in time when I felt happy and grateful to be doing work that I truly love. Like I said yesterday, I have my dream job. I love that I now have a few photos, like this one, to remind me that I've been lucky enough to get this far

Thanks, Halil. I like how you see things through your camera.