Day 11: Sunrise

There are morning people and night owls. I am definitely a morning person.

I get up before dawn nearly every morning to practice yoga. My Instagram feed features more sunrises than sunsets. If I were to teach a yoga class, Ryan Bingham's "Sunrise" would be on my yoga playlist, no doubt. 

National Photo Posting Month: Day 11

National Photo Posting Month: Day 11

What: Gebbies' Maplehurst Farm

Where: Greensboro, Vermont

When: Very, very early in the morning on October 31, 2015

Why: I remember hanging out with Indie, outside, and as the sun rose everything looked gray and blue and cold. Gorgeous, yes, but cold. I was about ready to head inside for coffee when this light came into view. I liked how warm the colors looked against the frost in the foreground.