Day 15: Sunburst

I took my camera out on Saturday afternoon and stopped at a new-to-me vantage point.

National Photo Posting Month :: November 15, 2015

National Photo Posting Month :: November 15, 2015

What: The sun, setting behind some trees and the Zakim Bridge

When: November 14, 2015

Where: from the top of the spiral stairs at Paul Revere Park - a new-to-me vantage point

Why: I want to be more confident with my camera, and know exactly how to manipulate the settings to achieve the affect I want. I've seen others' photographs where the lights are captured in such a way that they look like little sunbursts, kind of like this. I'm no photography expert but I knew that one way to get the sharp, defined rays is to use a relatively high f-stop. I tried it out when I found a good spot to view the sunset yesterday. It's a boring photo, maybe, but I'm happy with how it came out the rays of light in the center are exactly what I wanted to achieve.