Day 17: The Neighborhood

One of more recent additions to Boston's skyline is the Converse building. We're practically neighbors.

National Photo Posting Month :: Day 17

National Photo Posting Month :: Day 17

What: A view of Converse headquarters. Yes, that Converse.

Where: Boston, Massachusetts - from the spiral stairs near Paul Revere Park.

When: Saturday November 14, 2015

Why: I get a kick out of saying, "Those cool sneaker people are, like, neighbors," as if I could run over and borrow a cup of sugar or leave them a spare key to my condo in case I ever lock myself out of mine.

There's a cool little retail shop in that building, where you can custom design your own pair of Chucks by choosing the fabric and designs. One of these days I'll do that, in the spirit of being neighborly and all.