Day 20: Weekends

Tomorrow, I turn 44 years old. I like to think I'm young at heart, but when I see something like this all that comes to mind is, "Must've been one hell of a night if you lost shoe on a city sidewalk." And I'm glad that might night involved a cup of tea and knitting - and no lost shoes.

National Photo Posting Month :: Day 20

National Photo Posting Month :: Day 20

What: a moody attempt at an artsy, gritty street photo.

When: October 2013. If memory serves me correctly, i was walking to yoga that day.

Where: near the corner of Commercial and Prince Streets, in Boston's North End. 

Why: Sometimes I look back on my snapshots and cannot begin to explain why I bothered to take out my camera and shoot such random things. I do like how I composed this shot, though, so there's that.