Day 3: Everyday Views

This is my view when I leave the office. As far as places to work are concerned, I have it good. 

It was unseasonably warm today - nearly 70 degrees Fahrenheit. That alone was reason enough to celebrate by lingering outside a little longer than I normally would and snapping pictures.

All I had were my phone and a few minutes before sunset. I'm not sure I love how this photo turned out, but my everyday view isn't your everyday view and maybe that's enough to make this one interesting.  

National Photo Posting Month :: November 3, 2015

National Photo Posting Month :: November 3, 2015

What: The Merrimack River

Where: Manchester, New Hampshire

When: Just before sunset when I left the office for the day

Why: In late October and early November, is the light in New England warmer and more golden than any other time of year? I think it might be. Or maybe the combination of yellow leaves and the sunset light makes it seem more golden. Whatever the reason, it's beautiful. I love this time of year.