Day 30: night lights

I did it: one photo every day for 30 days. My goals at the start of this little project weren't lofty: they were simply to try and also to enjoy the process. I'm bummed the month is over, but I'm pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it. 

National Photo Posting Month 2015 :: Day 30

National Photo Posting Month 2015 :: Day 30

What: The view from my room at The Palazzo

When: Monday, November 30, 2015 

Where: Vegas, baby

Why: Because I'm here for a few days and I'm pretty sure in all the years I've come here for one work trip or another, this is the very first time I've had a view of The Strip from my room. The lights at night are a hell of a sight to see, but the daytime views, when I can see the mountains off in the distance, are my favorite.