Day 4: Skyline from the Marina

The bridge and the Garden are pretty iconic buildings, but the rest of the skyline is changing. Converse's world headquarters (it's the building to the left of the Garden) is the newest and, in my opinion, coolest addition. 

The two buildings with the brightest lights are still under construction - those lights are construction lights. This time next year, the view will look the same and just a bit different, I'm sure. 

National Photo Posting Month :: Day 4

National Photo Posting Month :: Day 4

What: part of Boston's skyline at night

Where: The Charlestown Navy Yard at Constitution Marina

When: Around 6pm, while taking my dog for a walk after getting home from work

Why: I walk or run through the Navy Yard nearly every day and nearly always make a point to take a route through this spot. It's one of my favorite spots in my neighborhood. And since the sun sets around 4:30 pm in these parts, that means nighttime photos are going to happen. I get a kick out of the Converse logo. Maybe I should finally get around to shooting this view with a long-exposure using my DSLR and making a print for myself.