Day 6: Birthday Girl

Today, I'm sharing one from the archives because it's a special occasion: Kate's 23rd birthday. This photo of her is one my favorites, and it's one of the portraits that I'm most proud of. 

National Photo Posting Month :: Day 6

National Photo Posting Month :: Day 6

Who: Kate, at age 17 

Where: At the water taxi dock in the Charlestown Navy Yard. I hadn't planned to shoot here but it has since become one of my favorite locations for portraits.

When: August 2010 - just before the start of her senior year of high school.

Why: I'm not a professional photographer, so I was flattered that she trusted me to take her senior pictures. These were taken in the summer just before the start of the school year, so I knew that even if I botched them she'd still have plenty of time to hire a pro and get yearbook-worthy photographs. I surprised myself - I took dozens of great photos that day and her family loved all of them. 

This one was my favorite of the bunch. Her confidence is shining through in this one, I think, and that's what I like most about it.