Day 9: The Other Jay Peak

I've been told that the pointy peak in the distance is Jay Peak. 

National Photo Posting Month :: November 9, 2015

National Photo Posting Month :: November 9, 2015

What: A view of farm fields and Jay Peak

Where: the intersection of Town Highway 8 and Rocking Rock Road in Greensboro, Vermont 

When: October 30, 2015

Why: East Coast skiers might know Jay Peak as fancy winter resort with great skiing, but that's not why I know it. To me, this photo reminds me what it feels like to achieve a really big, hairy, audacious goal. In 2010 I was hired to work at a software company and one of my first big projects was working on a product codenamed Jay Peak. 

Fast forward to 2015...when I found out I'd be able to see the other Jay Peak - the real one - from my window, I had to take a picture for posterity.