what are you doin'?

You like dogs? Excellent. Then you'll like the next few posts because they'll probably be pretty dog heavy.

The second stop on my trip south was in Mitchell, Georgia to spend a couple of days with friends and to drop Indie off for winter camp. Yes, I call it camp. In reality, she's spending a couple of months with the Agnews at Craney Hill to polish her gun dog skills.  

Indie and Todd :: December 2015

Indie and Todd :: December 2015

Who: Todd and Indie, getting reacquainted.

When: December 2015

Where: Mitchell, Georgia

Why: I took this a couple of days before we left Indie behind for a few months of training. When I look at this picture I can hear Todd's voice saying, "What are you doing?" which really means, "I know you'd rather make a break for it, but you and I both know that you don't really want to do that." I know my dog and I'm guessing he asks Indie that question quite a bit.