day 27 // sunday

Despite the fact it's beginning to look more like Christmas than Thanksgiving, it's still Thanksgiving weekend. My rule is that the Christmas decorations can't go up while there are turkey dinner leftovers still in the fridge. 

While mine has been a pretty quiet holiday, it has also been lovely. I didn't take too many pictures, though. Not sure why, as there was plenty of things to be thankful for and to capture. We had company, visited with nearby family, and ate all. the. food. Turkey dinner. Donut burgers. Cranberry crumb bars with mulling spices. To top it off, we had brunch made glorious by home fried sautéed in duck fat. If there was ever a weekend I was going to post photos of everything I ate, this should've been it. (I did post one of the crumb bars.)

This one I took earlier today, while out for a walk with Indie. I tried to get an angle or shot I've not yet tried, which is a pretty tall order since I walk by here pretty much every day. (Yes, I'm lucky to live in such a pretty neighborhood. No, I haven't tallied how many photos I've taken at this park but I'm guessing it's a lot.)  

I am toying around with a new camera lens to kickstart things around here. It's time, I think. 

sunday morning at the monument :: november 28, 2016

sunday morning at the monument :: november 28, 2016