day 9 // light

(written on November 9, 2016)


Over the years I've heard a few different interpretations of what "namaste" means. My favorite is this one: The light in me honors the light in you. 

On Tuesday night, I didn't stay up late to watch the election returns. On Wednesday morning, I woke up, checked the news and promptly turned it off after seeing what I needed to know about the election. I didn't want to be worked up or upset. I was going to let someone else upset me. Most importantly, I didn't want to make anyone else feel that way, either. 

I decided to lay low. No Instagram. No Facebook. No TV. Instead I wanted quiet and space to think about how I wanted to conduct myself that day. As corny as it sounds, I kept thinking, "Today I want to be someone else's light. For people that cross my path today, I want to be the person that lights them up, lessens their fear or anxiety. Even if the effect is only temporarily, it's still a good thing to do." 

That's all I'm thinking today: Be light. Honor light. Namaste.

I've practiced yoga regularly for the past 9 or so years. During that time, I've probably said "namaste" quite a bit and always felt silly about it. I mean, come on. Am I really honoring your light? 


I wonder if simply being in the habit of saying "the light in me honors the light in you," was practice for today, when I actually needed to follow through on that intention, honoring the light in myself, and others, to get through a stressful time for this country. 

I don't have a beautiful photo of light breaking through darkness, or something else symbolic. This old snapshot reminds me of hope and hard work and overcoming difficult things. It's a favorite of mine, so it's my post for Day 9.  

yoga teacher training graduation day :: december 2011

yoga teacher training graduation day :: december 2011