be fearless

I'm in a stage of life where I look at articles about "advice I would give my younger self" with a skeptical and maybe even bitter eye. Yet here I go, sharing a link to exactly such an article by Forbes. Most of the advice in this piece is fine. It seems well-intentioned, although for many, may be impractical. We can't all attend the world's best universities, or take on unpaid jobs to gain valuable experience. Following advice doesn't guarantee we'll receive more opportunities, more success, or less failure. Despite that I kept reading until the end of the article. I'm glad I did because the last entry caught my attention. It's good advice for all, male or female, whether you're in college or long past it, whether you work in tech or not.

“Be fearless and just do it. If you’re just sitting there and contemplating, things will never move forward. The world is so fast-paced now that there is no time to sit and think for too long. Don’t think about the pros and cons too much - if you have an idea that you can’t get out of your head, just go for it! I’m sure your family and friends will support you too, once they see the spark that your project lights in you. Always try and always ask - because if you don’t, you’ll never know. If you try and it’s a no, then so be it. You won’t lose anything. But if it’s a yes? You’ll open the door to infinite possibilities.” -Sandhya Sriram

I've read about the idea of choosing a word or mantra, instead of resolutions, to guide decisions for the coming year. This Chicago Tribune article describes how it could works in a classroom setting. Communities like OneWord365 focus on how individuals choose and act on their chosen word. I'm not sure if I'll choose a word or phrase for myself, but if I do, "be fearless and just do it" might have to be on my shortlist of possible choices for 2017's mantra.