"Do something every day that scares you," or so they say, right? I think I covered a year's worth of Every Day Scary Things in one afternoon when I took a Flying Trapeze lesson.  

photo by the Trapeze School New York - Boston

photo by the Trapeze School New York - Boston

Who: Me. (Not shown: How absolutely and profoundly terrified I was feeling.) 

When: Sunday, March 6, 2015

Where: At the Trapeze School New York - Boston

Why: One of my sisters is turning 40 and this is how we decided to celebrate: climbing up a rickety ladder 23 feet, jumping off a platform and swinging, and falling into a net. The birthday girl was so good she actually did a little trick with one of the instructors. Someone needs to go and tell my niece and nephew that mom can make good on a threat to run away and join the circus. 

The staff at TSNY-Boston are fabulous - talented, seemingly fearless, professional and beyond kind. You're in good hands with them if you decide to try.