summertime's daily commute

"It is so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up." - Ferris Bueller, on his best friend's dad's vintage Ferrari.  

Kids, I've found a better mode of transportation than Cameron's dad's roadster: the water taxi. 

It turns out that that I can water taxi to and from work in about the same amount of time as it takes to drive my car and for about the same price to park it in a garage for the day. This summer, my entire commuting-to-work budget and then some will be spent at Boston Harbor Cruises Water Taxi.

In other words, they will be Miss Daisy-ing my ass across the harbor, from Charlestown to the Seaport, so I can get to work. 

It gets better. Courtesy of the good captains of the BHC Water Taxi, I can boat my way to any one of three watering holes to celebrate the end of the workday with a glass of wine and a harbor view. Ant the most convenient solution to the "Crap, I need to pick up something for dinner," situation is to stop for some fresh seafood, caught that day, at a local market. (Today I picked up shrimp at Yankee Lobster. It is entirely possible for me to spend my entire grocery budget there.)

This is what a high-traffic day looks like on Boston Harbor: 

The Liberty Clipper at rush hour :: July 1, 2016

The Liberty Clipper at rush hour :: July 1, 2016

And, yes, I realize exactly just how fortunate, privileged and lucky I am. 

As good as it is, I don't know that it's The! Best Commute! Ever! More research on my part is needed. The next time work takes me to San Francisco, I'll take the ferry to the office so that I can know, once and for all, which commute - Boston water taxi or San Francisco ferry -  is truly the best. #lifegoals #sarcastichashtags4eva