Day 2: Thanksgiving Parade

I spent the weekend in Vermont with my sweetheart, my camera and my dog. This is the first of a few of the photos I took while there. 

The photo doesn't show it, and I didn't realize it until I set out to photograph them: turkeys move fast. This flock was out on a power walk. 

National Photo Posting Month :: November 2, 2015 

National Photo Posting Month :: November 2, 2015 

What: Wild turkeys

Where: Greensboro, Vermont

When: late in the afternoon on Saturday, October 31st

Why: Rich spotted them marching up the hill in the backyard and asked me, "Did you bring your stalker lens?" I took this photo is for him because I knew he'd like it as reminder of our weekend away. 

Day 1: Just Try

It's not about posting 30 photos every day for a month for the sake of posting something - anything - every day for a month. For me there's something fun about the discipline of taking a small bit of time each day to work on photography, something I've enjoyed for a long time. It's not about creating a masterpiece or posting perfect photos. It's about enjoying the process. It's about trying. 

While I should probably be a bit embarrassed to link to her blog in two successive posts, I'm proud to be a fangirl. Thanks to Karen for the idea and encouragement.

And with that, here's my first post for National Photo Posting Month. 

National Photo Posting Month :: November 1, 2015

National Photo Posting Month :: November 1, 2015

What: Fall Flowers

Where: Near the Winthrop Square Training Field in Charlestown, Massachusetts 

When: Sunday afternoon, just before sunset

Why: I liked the striped effect of the black and white stairs - I think that's what makes this snapshot interesting.