day 27 // sunday

Despite the fact it's beginning to look more like Christmas than Thanksgiving, it's still Thanksgiving weekend. My rule is that the Christmas decorations can't go up while there are turkey dinner leftovers still in the fridge. 

While mine has been a pretty quiet holiday, it has also been lovely. I didn't take too many pictures, though. Not sure why, as there was plenty of things to be thankful for and to capture. We had company, visited with nearby family, and ate all. the. food. Turkey dinner. Donut burgers. Cranberry crumb bars with mulling spices. To top it off, we had brunch made glorious by home fried sautéed in duck fat. If there was ever a weekend I was going to post photos of everything I ate, this should've been it. (I did post one of the crumb bars.)

This one I took earlier today, while out for a walk with Indie. I tried to get an angle or shot I've not yet tried, which is a pretty tall order since I walk by here pretty much every day. (Yes, I'm lucky to live in such a pretty neighborhood. No, I haven't tallied how many photos I've taken at this park but I'm guessing it's a lot.)  

I am toying around with a new camera lens to kickstart things around here. It's time, I think. 

sunday morning at the monument :: november 28, 2016

sunday morning at the monument :: november 28, 2016

day 4 // vote

Today I waited in line for 2 hours to vote. For me, a two-hour delay cost nothing. I didn't go without pay, or miss the next train home, or have to cover a small fortune in extra childcare simply to take the time to vote.

I hope the wait times will not be as long on Election Day. Here's what I wished I'd done before heading out:  

  • Dress warmly. It can be chilly in the shade of a building. 
  • Bring a snack. Don't vote hangry. 
  • Bring an extra phone battery.
  • Bring earbuds in case you need to drown out a Yappy McYapperson.  While I'm all for respecting people's free speech, the freedom to tune them out with a podcast or a good song is equally important. 
  • Someone in front of you or behind you might need to hit up a bathroom or get a snack. Be kind. Offer to hold they're spot before they have to ask.
  • Stop looking at your phone every now and then and chat with your line mates. I chatted with the young woman in front of me, and she told me that sense of community, seeing your neighbors at the polls, is one of the things she loves most about election day. Eventually we might be able to vote from our computers in our living rooms. I suspect I'll look back on this day and always remembers the other women I chatted with. I like that about the voting process, even it means waiting longer than I'd like. 
waiting in line to vote, on the last day of early voting :: november 4, 2016

waiting in line to vote, on the last day of early voting :: november 4, 2016

The local TV news stations covered the long lines on the last day of early voting

The local TV news stations covered the long lines on the last day of early voting

'cause we need a little christmas...

This was a fun week, because it's feeling a bit more like Christmastime around here.

Today we took a little road trip to Rhode Island. Later, I had lunch with a dear friend (and a few new ones) and we made plans to have a spa day after the holidays. I spent a little bit of time journaling (a rather new habit or, more accurately, a new habit I'm trying to develop) and made a batch of cookies - chocolate chip. (I often use the recipe on the bag of chocolate chips but today I made these. You won't be disappointed.)

The weather's turned cold, but odds are good that it won't be a white Christmas here in Boston. That's all right by me. I'm still a little weary from last winter's snow, so right now I'm quite happy to enjoy a picture of the white stuff from Christmas past.

christmas wreath on main street :: december 27, 2010

christmas wreath on main street :: december 27, 2010

What: Christmas wreaths and lights on Main Street

When: December 2010

Why: I love living in a neighborhood that gets decked out for the holidays. It's one of my favorite things about living here.

Day 29: moon rise

I'm ringing in the start of the Christmas season with a trip to Las Vegas.  I'm on flight 777, which is pretty amusing. 

See you soon, Boston.  

National Photo Posting Month :: Day 29

National Photo Posting Month :: Day 29

What: An intentionally blurry shot of East Boston (I think). 

When: October 29, 2015

Why: There was a crazy big full moon, so I grabbed the dog and ran (literally) down to the Navy Yard to get a better view. It was spectacular. 

Day 17: The Neighborhood

One of more recent additions to Boston's skyline is the Converse building. We're practically neighbors.

National Photo Posting Month :: Day 17

National Photo Posting Month :: Day 17

What: A view of Converse headquarters. Yes, that Converse.

Where: Boston, Massachusetts - from the spiral stairs near Paul Revere Park.

When: Saturday November 14, 2015

Why: I get a kick out of saying, "Those cool sneaker people are, like, neighbors," as if I could run over and borrow a cup of sugar or leave them a spare key to my condo in case I ever lock myself out of mine.

There's a cool little retail shop in that building, where you can custom design your own pair of Chucks by choosing the fabric and designs. One of these days I'll do that, in the spirit of being neighborly and all.

Day 12: Autumn

We've reached that time of autumn where it can be absolutely stunning, or absolutely gray. Today is a gray day so I'm posting a picture with some over the top color, because I need the pick-me-up.


What: Autumn in all its glory.

When: While out for a walk with my dog on November 1, 2015

Where: Charlestown Navy Yard, near Gate 1

Why: I love the colors on the tree and American flag in the distance. I took my time framing it to get it just right - and I love the way it turned out.

Day 4: Skyline from the Marina

The bridge and the Garden are pretty iconic buildings, but the rest of the skyline is changing. Converse's world headquarters (it's the building to the left of the Garden) is the newest and, in my opinion, coolest addition. 

The two buildings with the brightest lights are still under construction - those lights are construction lights. This time next year, the view will look the same and just a bit different, I'm sure. 

National Photo Posting Month :: Day 4

National Photo Posting Month :: Day 4

What: part of Boston's skyline at night

Where: The Charlestown Navy Yard at Constitution Marina

When: Around 6pm, while taking my dog for a walk after getting home from work

Why: I walk or run through the Navy Yard nearly every day and nearly always make a point to take a route through this spot. It's one of my favorite spots in my neighborhood. And since the sun sets around 4:30 pm in these parts, that means nighttime photos are going to happen. I get a kick out of the Converse logo. Maybe I should finally get around to shooting this view with a long-exposure using my DSLR and making a print for myself.