'cause we need a little christmas...

This was a fun week, because it's feeling a bit more like Christmastime around here.

Today we took a little road trip to Rhode Island. Later, I had lunch with a dear friend (and a few new ones) and we made plans to have a spa day after the holidays. I spent a little bit of time journaling (a rather new habit or, more accurately, a new habit I'm trying to develop) and made a batch of cookies - chocolate chip. (I often use the recipe on the bag of chocolate chips but today I made these. You won't be disappointed.)

The weather's turned cold, but odds are good that it won't be a white Christmas here in Boston. That's all right by me. I'm still a little weary from last winter's snow, so right now I'm quite happy to enjoy a picture of the white stuff from Christmas past.

christmas wreath on main street :: december 27, 2010

christmas wreath on main street :: december 27, 2010

What: Christmas wreaths and lights on Main Street

When: December 2010

Why: I love living in a neighborhood that gets decked out for the holidays. It's one of my favorite things about living here.