Day 12: Autumn

We've reached that time of autumn where it can be absolutely stunning, or absolutely gray. Today is a gray day so I'm posting a picture with some over the top color, because I need the pick-me-up.


What: Autumn in all its glory.

When: While out for a walk with my dog on November 1, 2015

Where: Charlestown Navy Yard, near Gate 1

Why: I love the colors on the tree and American flag in the distance. I took my time framing it to get it just right - and I love the way it turned out.

Day 5: Natural Color

On Sunday afternoon I walked my dog, taking one of our usual routes. I turned the corner, and this wall stopped me in my tracks. I know it's probably overdone and maybe even cliche to post foliage pictures in autumn. Nature puts on too good a show this time of year, and I can't resist the urge to photograph it.  

What: An ivy-covered wall

Where: One of the National Park Service buildings, I think, at the Charlestown Navy Yard

When: Sunday afternoon, around sunset.

Why: I'm a sucker for bright, bold colors - the brighter, the bolder, the better. I wish I were a portrait photographer - I'd take them here because I bet those leaves would be an amazingly bright, striking background.