in my kitchen (not so) lately...

A forgotten post I meant to publish, but didn't. It was originally written back in January when I had this idea to keep a running list of all the new recipes I've tried.

Stashed in nearly every corner of my home are cooking magazines, recipe cards and cookbooks. I think I suffer from a strong fear of missing out when it comes to recipes. So lately I'm being more mindful to make the recipes I've long since bookmarked and earmarked.

Also, I am not a food blogger. I love looking at beautiful photos of artfully arranged ingredients or plated masterpieces, but don't have the itch to create them myself. (Maybe someday I'll do that kind of thing, but today is not that day.) I'm a lady who has a kitchen, far too many cookbooks, watches a lot of Food Network and likes to eat. Here's what I've made lately...

1. Quail & Pheasant Pot Pie. We made this in Chris' kitchen, not mine, using this Montana Outdoors recipe as a guide. Soaking the pheasant in buttermilk - kind of like you'd soak chicken before frying it - makes a difference, I think. We used a premade pie crust rather than homemade, which I'd definitely do again. So good.

2. Blood Orange, Almond and Ricotta Cake. I'd describe this as a cake for people who like just a little bit of sweet in their desserts. Mine turned out just as pretty as the photos. The recipe must be at least a little bit forgiving, because I miffed a few steps by mixing things out of order.

3. Chicken Chili. It's as tasty as it is foolproof and definitely more inline with New Year's diet plans than pot pie. Don't we all wish more recipes had the instructions, "Throw everything in the pot and turn the heat on..."?

4. Easy Cranberry Apple Cake. Apparently I'm on a fruit-based single layer cake kick lately. This one's great when I want a fall/winter kind of dessert but I'm tired of apple crisps and pumpkin anything.